You are Gold

This heroic bicycle wins first prize for a chic vintage steed with its matching saddle and handlebars and glamorous gold frame. It instantly makes me think of the opening sequence of James Bond: Goldfinger, but as it’s the weekend, I’ll leave you with a spot of Spandau instead.


Spotted in Covent Garden

One thought on “You are Gold

  1. I have one of these. It used to belong to my Grandpa Rex when he lived in his basement flat in The Dreaming Suburb ( Addiscombe ) in Croydon. My adopted Grandpa had a fall in 2006 and ll was never the same again thanks to his niece. the 1984 example I have now initially was stored in the Brick shed at my cousin Stuarts house for some years. Until the roof started to leak and water saturated the fibre glass insulation which soon rotted the plywood underneath and it got really ugly in there. When the day came to wear masks and load the entire contents of the shed into a skip. Very little survived and most of the time we used a Broom and shovel on the contents it was so bad. But miraculously we were flabbergasted to see that Grandpa Rex’s old Hercules Compact had survived and we found this astonishing. I now know a lot more about Bicycle maintenance now and the bike was moved to my Flat in South Norwood and rolled into my External lockup. Of which was also damp but not nearly as bad as it’s previous place of storage. It stayed in there for mother couple of years until my restoration cmd round and finally the Hercules Compact came to the fore. It received a good rub down with WD40 and a buff up with Meguiar’s metal polysh. I found the rubbing to be the crank arm rubbing regularly on the chainguard, it’s always been like that. Also a slight adjustment had all three gears working perfectly. My Gold machine is now in the local Norwood Junction JR mechanics shop having a few minor repairs done. After this comes out it will be the Raleigh Traveller going in.

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