Brighton Blues

Did you know that an open return train ticket from London to Brighton is only £10? It can often cost just as much to get across London, which is why so many of us are bidding farewell to stuffy public transport and taking to the roads on our bicycles. Today it seemed that the train was packed full of sun-seeking Londoners lusting for the sea air; the sunshine meant picnics, strolling and general shenanigans.

I spent a good half an hour listening to the magic music of The Iron Boot Scrapers, a three piece group who brought well known tunes up to date by giving them a retro twist. If you’re ever in Brighton, these guys were on The Lanes by Choccywoccydoodah and are well worth seeking out.

image image
image image

The sun meant that there were plenty of bicycles out and about, and these lovely steeds caught my eye and begged to be shared with the world. It wasn’t until I started to look over my photos that I realised that they were all blue!

I have always been a sucker for a flower garland, so the addition of a wicker basket with roses to what would otherwise be a very functional (and child bearing!) bike made my day.





I will leave you with The Iron Boot Scrapers’ performance at Brighton Naked Cycle Ride 2010 – probably best to avoid watching at work as the title might imply. NSFW

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