Bicycle blockage!

I am fortunate in that my work has a secure parking area that includes plenty of fences and an array of bicycle parking stands. Given that I start work at 8:30am, I generally get my pick of where to lock up and have a regular spot that I have been using for the last year. This afternoon as I walked by on the way to fetch some lunch I noticed that a fellow cyclist had double parked.


It irked me, but I didn’t have to rush to any afternoon appointments so I let it slide and figured that they would be gone by the time I finished work at 4:30. Surely a person wouldn’t double park for prolonged periods….? Well, I actually worked over and as I’m sure you must have guessed, the unwelcome guest was still there – at 7:30pm!

Now, I should like to think myself a rational human being. And as a rational human being, I can say with some certainty that locking your bike over another person’s bike in a building where people generally leave at 5pm is utterly illogical and more than a tad disrespectful. Add to this the fact that this was clearly an employee (no one else would have been able to get in), and that there is no shortage of alternative lock spots, well colour me unimpressed. I couldn’t quite believe it. And it’s a nice bike, too, not the scruffy bone-shaker that you’d expect to belong to someone with no manners.

I decided to leave a strongly worded note…. And then thought better of it. This is my place of work, after all. It could belong to one of the bigwigs and that would do me no favours. So the truly was a half hearted (light hearted?) scribble sellotaped to the unwelcome guest’s saddle. I resented having to cough up on my Oyster card to get home on the bus, and wanted them to know it, then felt the panic of being too snippy and added the bottom line of text in a rush.



Tomorrow we shall see if the inconsiderate has felt the burn of remorse. Hopefully they will at least have MOVED THEIR EFFING BIKE. Geez.


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