Delivery Service

When it comes to pulling a weekend shift at work, talking the boss into a allowing a coffee run is almost mandatory. As the only member of staff with a ‘vehicle’, collection duty fell to me. As you can imagine, it was something of a challenge to balance half a dozen coffees in my basket  whilst negotiating speed bumps and crooked south London tarmac. Spillages were kept to a minimum through paper towel plugs in the lids and the gentle avoidance of pot holes. Mine’s the tchai tea latte… Mmmmm.




1 thought on “Delivery Service

  1. I have only just recently acquired a Raleigh Traveller myself after rescuing it from yobs in my local ends during the recently passed Autumn holiday break. It was the third bicycle that I saw that couldn’t face this time leaving behind after serial abuse. The first being a rather strange looking mountain bike that mysteriously vanished, and the second being a white Peugeot racer that had it’s wheels and back end of the frame bent in. The Raleigh Traveller bicycle was very badly damaged after receiving a bad stamping and the rear wheel was truly ruined. The front wheel was buckled and had more than it’s share of rust. So the bicycle will need two new wheels , one of those being a hub respoke. Also they made a good job of bending one of the crank arms. So I need to source a new cottered crank arm too, as well as sort out the rear brake cable and sheath along with four new brake blocks. I decided to name her Don’t Get W3T after a friend of the past lost to me that was of a similar age. My fathers Ex 1979 Opel Kadett, C series special ( saloon ) that was also in Saphire Blue. Maybe it was destiny that I took on this old girl. The date stamp on her rear 3 Speed sturmy archer sais 10 78, of which is exactly the same age as me ^o^ ! But she will have to wait her turn as I already have a 1984 Hercules Compact ( shopper ) bike in Gold in the shop at the moment. I take my bicycle restoration seriously.

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