About the Author

Me? I’m just Sooz.

I started cycling in Spring 2009 and was faced with a dilemma: how could I commit to a daily cycle to work without having to forsake my love for dresses and heels? Furs, Flowers and Lace stems from this struggle to adapt and conform to two lifestyles, and the genuine love I discovered for cycling in London. Here you will find tips on how to shop chic for your bicycle, avoiding the stereotypical gear whilst remaining practical. Plus you may just find that your own bicycle has been spotted on the streets of London!

Things that I love:6

  • My 1978 Raleigh Traveller. Her name is Fly.
  • Light summer showers and Waterloo Bridge.
  • GPC, my cat. That’s Gretchen Priscilla Cat officially, but it’s just “Cat” between friends.
  • Talking about the weather. But then not talking about the weather.
  • Tea dresses. And tea parties with cupcakes and board games.
  • Asking questions, no matter how silly.
  • Discovering pretty or rare things tucked away in the heart of London.

Ask me things, tell me things. I’m waiting to meet you. ❤



find me on http://justsooz.wordpress.com/

FFL originated from and is x-posted to Livejournal.

7 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. How did you dins the picture with the plant on the bicycle?I would love to know who designed this so I can inquire on how to get one for my team.

  2. Hello,

    I’m contacting you from a brand new event happening this May bank holiday, Spin London-The Urban Cycle Show, and would like to give you a couple of tickets for our opening night on Friday the 3rd of May, here’s our website http://www.spinldn.com/! Please contact social@spinldn.com for tickets.


    Spin London-The Urban Cycle Show

  3. Erroh 🐱

    Recently I was digging deep into the Interweb for Bicycles the same as the one that I am currently restoring. And couldn’t help but notice your excellent blog. Have to say I am very impressed. Nice to see such a nice and well looked after and original example of what my bike should be.

    I recently acquired a 10, 78 ladies Raleigh Traveller myself, after witnessing a week of Bicycles being abused in a location on my daily commute. I just couldn’t leave another one behind. Unfortunately it needs a lot of work done on it =^~^=.

    I also have a ladies 1980 Triumph Trafficmaster in Gold/Brown. And a 1984 Hercules Compact in Gold. Along with various other bicycles.

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