LCC Protest

If you are free tomorrow evening you should pedal your way to Russell Square for a London Cycling Campaign protest commencing at 6:30PM. The aim is to highlight the need for designated cycle space following the third cyclist fatality in just three weeks.

Find out more on the LCC website:


Long have I wondered why the world must label days with pointless themes; ‘Hug Day’ on 21st January, ‘Doughnut Day’ the first Friday of June, or ‘Talk Like Shakespeare Day’ on 23rd April seem to serve no particular purpose. Tomorrow marks the beginning of ‘Bike Week’ around the UK, and unlike so many other it represents an actual purpose: to increase awareness, organise social events, and offer nervous newbies an opportunity try their cycle legs in a safe environment.

Bike Week will be taking place 15-23rd June 2013, and events vary from charity rides, free bike health checks and tune ups, races, skills training, or social gatherings such as thematic film screenings for anyone who doesn’t fancy risking the weather.

Find your nearest event using this [interactive map] and visit to find out more.

Feels Like It

“I actually own a bicycle, have done for years. I can’t ride it safely anywhere around here… and I worked out that not being able to tell where sound is coming from just makes it even more unlikely I could bear taking it on the roads in this crazy place (again). It’s highly annoying. If I want to go on a safe bike ride, I’d need to take trains/buses and hire a bike. But then I come against the ‘lol that bloke is doing stuff all by himself’ thing. I might actually LIKE doing stuff by myself, but apparently it’s a deviant crime in this society – or feels like it.”

– cpn_jacksparrow @Livejournal

I love to go to the cinema and theatre on my own, but once I had dinner alone and the couple on the table next to mine kept looking over their shoulders at me with distinct expressions of sympathy. Spoilt my dinner!