Something for the JUBILEE weekend…

Happy Diamond Jubilee! It’s raining cats and dogs in the city at the moment, but I hope you’re still enjoying the long weekend: after all, there’s plenty to do and who needs an excuse to party? Visit for the full list of this weekend’s celebrations.


Something for the weekend…

Cycling across Waterloo Bridge on the weekend is somewhat more hazardous than during the week – namely because with no Congestion Charge at the weekend, the bridge presents Londoners with free parking opportunities. The main thing to remember when you come across a long line of parked cars is to give them a wide berth and stay well outside of the door zone once your cycle lane begins to become a car park. In the capital of Lithuania however, cycle lanes disappearing under parked cars is becoming pretty rare thanks to its Mayor, Arturas Zuokas. What are the chances of Boris Johnson taking a leaf out of his book?

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Ladies deserve speed

At first I thought that this bike was announcing that “ladies deserve speed”, upon closer inspection it turned out that it was a “ladies twelve speed” in colours that ooze 80s chic and remind me a lot of the hand me downs zip-up jackets I got from my brother as a child!

12speed 12speed2Kingsway, Holborn WC2.

And with the 80s in mind, here’s one of my all-time favourite songs straight from 1983 …