Penny for your thoughts [2]

When I read the Tatty Devine blog last week I immediately thought of a post I had made last year in spring, shortly after I had bought a laser-cut wooden penny farthing necklace. Tatty Devine has been one of my favourite brands for many years now, and this particular necklace was made at the British Museum during a laser-cutting workshop for teens.

brown-topshop-boots-green-h-m-dress-brown-topshop-cardigan-black-ebay-neck_400TattyAbove: Penny farthing wooden necklace, £10 by lakuna87 on ebay.
Below: Tatty Devine @ British Museum workshop.

I heart my… printed blog.

The other day, whilst wandering through Covent Garden between a matinee and evening show I stepped into a newsagents and discovered:

At £6.50, I Love You magazine doesn’t come cheaply but everything about it is sumptuous, from the paper its printed on to the photography matched with quotations from A Streetcar Named Desire or Catcher in the Rye. This is Issue 5, the Princess edition, and even my male colleagues in the crew couldn’t resist a flick through to inspect what they eventually remarked was in fact an Art magazine, not fashion at all.

Things that I love:

  • My blue 1978 Raleigh Traveller. Her name is Fly.
  • Light summer showers and Waterloo Bridge. I sometimes wonder if they’ll finish digging the bridge up so we can fully appreciate it.
  • GPC, my cat. That’s Gretchen Priscilla Cat officially, but it’s just “Cat” between friends.
  • Talking about the weather. But then not talking about the weather.
  • Tea dresses. And tea parties with cupcakes and board games.
  • Stolen moments and stolen glances.
  • Asking questions, no matter how silly. Someone’s got to ask them!
  • Discovering pretty or rare things tucked away in the heart of London: poems graffiti-ed in back alleys, forgotten market stalls…
  • The way that theatre comes together thanks to the many almost insignificant fragments that each of us contributes 8 times a week. And how sometimes I forget that the show’s even on – then I catch a glimpse of the audience and we recall our purpose.
  • Covent Garden: the cobbles, the market sellers, the buskers. Sometimes even the tourists.
  • Pancakes! Sweet or savoury, big or small.
  • My collection of Tatty Devine jewellery, including three of the limited edition Rob Ryan necklaces. Sigh.
  • Well, obviously, I love you too.

Lets get personal. .

Ever since Carrie first showed off her name necklace in Sex and the City, we’ve been a world enthralled. Remember that scene where she thought she’d lost it forever? Did you feel an irrational sense of tragedy/anxiety about this?
I may only speak for myself when I say that there’s something distinctly covet-able about what has since come to be known as the ‘Carrie necklace’. I find myself naturally drawn to things that are a bit different, slightly more unique (even though it’s quite often mass produced anyway!), thus my love for brands like Tatty Devine and Irregular Choice. It’s like a secret that you get to show off. Miniature bits of artwork that you can wear.

With a name necklace there’s always the risk that some boozy chav on a night out will end up addressing you, hoping to impress you with his ability to read, but then, that may be a risk that you’ll be willing to take.

name1  name2 name3  name4
1. Acrylic “Susanna” in matte gold with star charm in Holiday font (discontinued font) from Tatty Devine, now £27.50.
(Worn with Large Birdcage with Bird in gold and turquoise from
Sunday Girl Accessories £10 – name necklaces also available from £12)
2. Acrylic “Just.Sooz”necklace in Rock Kitty from the now discontinued line on LLROK.
3. Sterling silver “Sooz” from £24.95.
4. Acrylic “Sooz” in maroon with star charm in Holiday font (discontinued font) from Tatty Devine, now £27.50.

100% Lycra free. .

Here’s a selection of my more recent cycle-friendly (and lycra free!) outfits.
property of Just.Sooz wiwt11: ASOS full skirted strapless dress, grey jumper, belt & boots, UO. Black petticoats (not seen), ebay.
Multi-strand pearls, Primark. Birdcage necklace, Sunday Girl Accessories via tsuk.
2: Navy sweetheart neck dress, French Connection. White studded belt, grey boots, UO. Pink cardigan, Matalan.
Birdcage necklace, Sunday Girl Accessories via tsuk.
 wiwt2 wiwt3
1: Blue/purple 3/4 sleeve dress, Joy. Jeggings, ASOS. Glittery black cardigan, New Look.
Gold socks, grey snake-print t-bars, UO. Trapeze artists necklace, Tatty Devine.
2: Black owl print dress, Joy. Burgundy long cardigan, Topshop. Grey fuggs, Primark.
Grey handbag, ASOS. Trapeze artists necklace, Tatty Devine.

wiwt4 wiwt5
1: Blue&yellow palm dress, Fashion Union. Granddad cardigan and brown ankle boots, Topshop.
Gold name necklace, Tatty Devine.
2: Beige&Black sleeved cat tunic, Darimeya. Purple denim mini, Uniqlo.
Black suede pirate boots, Aldo.

It turns out that it’s not warm enough for pumps just yet, so after a day of cold toes, I quickly packed my shoes away and got my boots out again!

And here‘s the post you’ll all have seen on off_highstreet. I want this bag but I get the feeling it’s going to be rather expensive and I have so many handbags already!