I found a card!

If you’ve found your way here, you may have found a card tucked into your basket or handlebars letting you know that your chic wheels were spotted on the streets of London. The bicycle featured on the cards is a permanent installation outside the theatrical restaurant ‘Sarastro‘ on Drury Lane near the stage door of Theatre Royal. I’m always on the lookout for a beautiful bicycle or a classy pannier bag, but the main joy of cycling is in the journey: the wind in your hair, the street rushing under your pedaling feet…

So if you have five minutes to spare, share a detail about your journey.

  • What’s your usual route like? Do you travel to and from work, or just on leisurely trips?
  • How long have you had your bicycle and what made you choose it?
  • What do you like best about it? And your journey?
  • What do you wear to cycle?

My first bicycle as a child was a little red one with a 101 Dalmatians bell and a hard plastic box  on the back that I liked to use as a lunch box on jaunts with imaginary picnic breaks.
What was yours?
Have a look for your bicycle by either visiting the main page, or in the ‘Spotted!‘ listings.

3 thoughts on “I found a card!

  1. Hi,
    I am the owner of the yellow Fietsfabriek bike you have spotted. I live in London with my husband and 4 year old son. As a Dutch family living in London, we cycle when it is practical, but too often public transport wins.
    The yellow bike is not a bike for long distances (too heavy), but for a bit of shopping or taking your child to football or swimming lessons it is ideal.
    In London I see to many bikes that are not fit for city purposes. My bike is safer in city traffic because of the upright position, it has an integrated lock which is very handy if you just need to park your bike for a few minutes and it can carry a lot of shopping.
    In Holland you can find many bikes which are much lighter than mine, making them better all-rounders, still suitable for carrying stuff, but also suitable for longer distances and hills. I love my bike because it suits its purpose, is bold and beautiful and reminds me of home.
    We also own a Fietsfabriek bakfiets (big carrier trike), which has seats for 4 small children (with seat belts), that with the seats removed holds more than the boot of an average car.
    Before our son was born, we cycled through Scotland on our honeymoon on yet another set of bikes ideal of sight seeing Britain.
    I wish we did not need public transport so much, but for us bikes are a means of transport, so where it is not a practical solution for getting from A to B, it does not get used.
    And no, we do not own a car. Why would we…

    Barbara Pouw

  2. Hi there,

    You just featured my bike on your blog – A rose by any other name. Thank you, I love what you do!

    My bike was bought from an East End retailer, not too expensive after the heartbreak of having a previous bike stolen, and I really wanted a ladies bike, something so classical about it and so many more fashion options 🙂

    I’m originally from Oz and really got into bikes in Melbourne. They have a great community based around the BUG groups and Critical Mass.

    We’ve converted a number of people riding around the east end and the city. Recently my sister was in town and we got her so excited about bikes she went back to Melbourne and bought a shiny red ladies bike and is now a complete convert!

    My basket is a christmas present from my boyfriend a couple of years back and we found some of the flowers in Christiania in Copenhagen – the amazing anarchist state!
    This spring we added more flowers and I just love my basket and my flowers.

    My boyfriend and I love bike riding around London, especially on the weekends as the east end and the city are so quiet and you feel like everything is there, just for you! We also try to ride bikes whenever & wherever we travel and love riding in country lanes in the UK summer 🙂

    Wish me luck, I’m going to attempt the London to Brighton bike ride next weekend!

    Thanks again,

  3. Hi there,

    I’m the owner of the pink shopper bike; “Emelle”.

    Surprisingly enough, I have never been a particular fan of cycling. I come from Yorkshire which is ever so slightly hilly and as much as I loved the downhill rolling, I never had much enthusiasm for uphill cycling… However, I couldn’t help myself when I found this two-wheeled beauty in a Brick Lane warehouse for only £30. There was a strong possibility, as with most of my spur of the moment purchases, that it would become a permanent fixture in my flat. I took it out for a spin on a sunny day though and realised I actually quite enjoyed cycling! It’s nice to get out of the dismal underground and see some real sunlight.

    I usually wear a pair of patterned leggings and a jumper. I have a striking high-vis jacket for evenings and have recently acquired multi-coloured ‘spoke beads’ and a shiny new bell. If it didn’t already look like I had stolen a children’s bike, it definitely will now.

    On the day you spotted my bike I was planning on cycling to Oxford Circus and doing a bit of window shopping. I haven’t quite got the hang of navigation skills yet though and I managed to end up at Elephant and Castle instead (I’ve no idea how; crossing the river South-bound really should have been a giveaway). I’m sad to say that I gave up at this point and took the tube to Oxford Circus. I was very disappointed in myself and could not enjoy window shopping at all, especially shopping without a shopper bike. But coming back to find a friendly card on my basket made my detour a bit more worthwhile.

    I usually only use my bike to cycle to nearby shops and cafes but my goal is to cycle to and from my university by the end of this year. That’s 32.6 miles all together. That may not sound too horrendous but with my navigation skills it could turn out to be a much longer trip.

    Lovely blog, thanks for the card!

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