Spring tandem

The sun finally emerged yesterday, and it was a perfect opportunity to take my new Les Nereides tandem necklace for a les nereidesstroll in the sun. Having previously bought [this] blue bicycle necklace, I eventually fell for the syren song of this funky green tandem and added it to the collection. You can pick one up for half price from Les Nereides directly or as I [previously wrote], in the ASOS sale. The baby pink retro cruiser is a steal at £35.

So as this was the first day of proper sunshine and warmth in London this year, here are a few shots of what I did with my day.

sooz wiwt instagram3instagram2instagram4  instagram

Lets get personal. .

Ever since Carrie first showed off her name necklace in Sex and the City, we’ve been a world enthralled. Remember that scene where she thought she’d lost it forever? Did you feel an irrational sense of tragedy/anxiety about this?
I may only speak for myself when I say that there’s something distinctly covet-able about what has since come to be known as the ‘Carrie necklace’. I find myself naturally drawn to things that are a bit different, slightly more unique (even though it’s quite often mass produced anyway!), thus my love for brands like Tatty Devine and Irregular Choice. It’s like a secret that you get to show off. Miniature bits of artwork that you can wear.

With a name necklace there’s always the risk that some boozy chav on a night out will end up addressing you, hoping to impress you with his ability to read, but then, that may be a risk that you’ll be willing to take.

name1  name2 name3  name4
1. Acrylic “Susanna” in matte gold with star charm in Holiday font (discontinued font) from Tatty Devine, now £27.50.
(Worn with Large Birdcage with Bird in gold and turquoise from
Sunday Girl Accessories £10 – name necklaces also available from £12)
2. Acrylic “Just.Sooz”necklace in Rock Kitty from the now discontinued line on LLROK.
3. Sterling silver “Sooz” from
mynamenecklace.co.uk £24.95.
4. Acrylic “Sooz” in maroon with star charm in Holiday font (discontinued font) from Tatty Devine, now £27.50.

the comfort heel and the rest. .

I got my lovely Miss L Fire Renaissance shoes in the post from Office only to discover that my age-old problem has not entirely disappeared: sometimes shoes that should fit perfectly end up loose around the heel, meaning that there’s always a risk that they’ll fall off. Majorly irritating. Especially as I’ve been lusting after these shoes for ages (check out “The Comfort Heel” post back in October).
Anyway, the shoes aren’t perfect, and as I’m supposed to be saving money I’m going to have to get rid of either selling them on (unlikely?) or back to Office…. If anyone’s interested, have a look at TSUK.On another note, here are some more amazing new accessories.

1wiwt wiwt
T-bar pumps, UO sale. Star bangle, Les Nereides sale.
tatty devine
Trapeze artists necklace in glittery acrylic, Tatty Devine sale.