Mum’s the Word

Mum's the wordAs I cycled down Old Kent Road today I met Laura while she pushed her bike along and juggled two energetic boys. It was the first time that I have approached somebody on the street, but the sight of this lovely Vintage Dutch-style bicycle with its addition of a rear child seat was enough to make me hop off my bike and trot back up the road to say hello.

Today has been a beautiful sunny day, so Laura’s scoring 10/10 for her cyclewear choices. Her practical harems in a floral print, light cardigan and pashmina mean that she is prepared for both the warm daytime and cooler temperatures as evening draws in.
In addition to its handy child-seat this bike has a beautiful rectangular wicker basket, a refreshing change from the usual deep d-baskets found on dutch-style bikes.

Thanks for stopping to say hi Laura, it was lovely to meet you. xxsooz