Hello, Kitty. .

I associate this jumper with lazy days and slouching about. I don’t 100% like it, tbh. I have a bad habit of seeing something in a shop, thinking “Oooh!”, buying it, only to later realise that it doesn’t work with most of my existing clothes.
This started off as a lazy day outfit but I actually really like it!

I think it’s the shoes that do it, which is great because they are immensely comfortable and have definitely proven their worth since I picked the up in Peacocks 2 years ago. For a closer look, check out Breezy Days@LJ, and succumb to the power of the comfort heel: wear these heels all day and feel none the worse for it, and better still, they’re perfect for cycling!

kittyJumper + flower print black dress + thick woolly grey tights
+ grey mid-heel t-bars + Tatty Devine Fish Bone necklace
= lazy yet oddly chic. FTW!