Blue skies

April showers have turned into a chilly May, and I’d be lying if I said that I cycled my way through last month’s torrential rains. When the heavens open a bus is dryer and much more comfortable, but if you’re braving the elements, make sure you stay safe by keeping an eye on your bike maintenance, especially the brakes – remember that wet brakes are less responsive!

For tips on how to stay dry, here’s my How To guide.
And if you want to keep your head in clear skies, check out these beautiful bespoke helmets by New York designer Belle Helmets.

skies skies1
Sky helmet, @Etsy or £95.35 or as agreed with seller.


Log onto Urban Outfitters quickly and grab a bargain! Their now much depleted range of Nutcase cycle helmets has had a massive price cut and they’re now being flogged for a mere £20. I got mine delivered this morning by a rather soggy postman, and my cat couldn’t help but take a sniff.

nutcase  nutcase1