Spring tandem

The sun finally emerged yesterday, and it was a perfect opportunity to take my new Les Nereides tandem necklace for a les nereidesstroll in the sun. Having previously bought [this] blue bicycle necklace, I eventually fell for the syren song of this funky green tandem and added it to the collection. You can pick one up for half price from Les Nereides directly or as I [previously wrote], in the ASOS sale. The baby pink retro cruiser is a steal at £35.

So as this was the first day of proper sunshine and warmth in London this year, here are a few shots of what I did with my day.

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looking forward by looking back. .

There are few things that I like quite so much as a full skirted dress. There’s something about the fitted waist and the billowing skirt that just appeals to me in waist that a pencil skirt or an empire line cannot. With the possibility of petticoats or even a structured cage underskirt, there’s more than just a hint of romance in the cut of the fabric.For some reason I’ve always associated longer hemlines with Summer, and shorter ones with Winter, and as the days very steadily get longer, I can begin to look forward to huge 50s skirts little cardigans, and who knows, maybe even sunglasses!

Marie Claire Oct 2009Marie Claire, October 2009

hey mama welcome to the 50s