Saddle Cover

How do you keep the rain off your saddle? It can be pretty gloomy when you come back to unlock your bike and realise that you will need to perch on a wet seat, but this savvy cyclist has a strikingly chic solution – a gloriously moustached saddle cover! With its velvety coloured frame this bike wouldn’t be out of place in the Tweed Run.



Spotted on Peckham High Street, SE15

If you are looking for a saddle cover, you can have a look online and keep a look out for offers like the bargain cover that was being sold at Cath Kidston in March. Alternatively, you can do as I did and just opt for a shower cap! Here are two incarnations of my shower-cap saddle covers.

sequins saddle

Both were purchased through ebay, but sadly the disco ball had to be replaced when the fabric wore throughl. I then opted for a sturdier plastic shower cap bearing a cute cat face and including pointed ears! My cat doesn’t look too impressed though.


I thought that this would be a good opportunity to see how other cyclists have protected their saddle: there’s everything from shopping bags to laminate…

red2 red

Spotted in Covent Garden [source].


Spotted on Neal Street, Covent Garden [source].


Spotted on The Strand [source].


Spotted on Great Windmill Street, Soho [source].

Savvy visor

Any bespectacled cyclist will be familiar with the dilemma presented by rain: a downpour doesn’t only mean that you will arrive at your destination looking bedraggled, but the likelihood is that a large portion of your journey will be completed with limited vision as the rain gathers on your specs. Well now I say to you: fear no more! It is time to revisit decades long-gone and invest in an accessory that should otherwise have remained gathering dust in attics or at the bottom of the charity shop bargain bin. No, I don’t mean bum bags, I’m talking about visors!


I picked this polka dot visor up in the ASOS sale last summer as part of a wacky thought process… I can’t imagine how this trendy(!) gem ended up in the sale. Regardless, with the addition of a beanie hat I have made it home from work with a dry face and full vision. Plus it’s compact enough to keep in my handbag in case of unexpected showers, whereas a waterproof coat would be far more cumbersome.

For those voting Yes in the great helmet debate, I have in the past been able to force my helmet on over the top, but the thick fabric band on this visor model doesn’t sit as well as a lighter, smaller model might. If you’re shopping for a visor you should take this detail into account.

So what do you say? It may not be the most fashion forward accessory but it certainly does the job!

What tricks do you have to keep dry in the torrents?

Blue skies

April showers have turned into a chilly May, and I’d be lying if I said that I cycled my way through last month’s torrential rains. When the heavens open a bus is dryer and much more comfortable, but if you’re braving the elements, make sure you stay safe by keeping an eye on your bike maintenance, especially the brakes – remember that wet brakes are less responsive!

For tips on how to stay dry, here’s my How To guide.
And if you want to keep your head in clear skies, check out these beautiful bespoke helmets by New York designer Belle Helmets.

skies skies1
Sky helmet, @Etsy or £95.35 or as agreed with seller.