If you’re on the lookout for a chic and unique pannier bag, then you need look no further than Loeffler Randall. You’d be fooled into thinking that this is an ordinary satchel, but their beautiful leather panniers transcend the usual stereotypes of functional cycle gear, and give savvy cyclists a bike bag that translates seamlessly from bike to high street.

pannier1 pannier pannier3 pannier2

The designs vary from the elaborate black and white pictured above, to plain coloured or even studded. At £315 ($495) they don’t come cheap, but if you have the cash to spare, you’re definitely going to get your money’s worth. Browse the Loeffler Randall Rider Bag range [here].


One of the wonderful things about seeing London by bike is that if you see something that catches your eye, you can just pick a safe spot to stop, pull over, and lock up your bicycle while you investigate.

upcycledOne the left is an image I took of a wonderful shop on Camberwell Road. If any of you have been watching The Apprentice you might remember episode 4 when the teams had to ‘upcycle’ vintage stock (read the Guardian Live Blog for a reminder on how not to use the Union Jack on furniture). They might have done well to take a few tips from this store as even the undeniably over-the-top chairs seem covetable.

The owners were lovely, and as I hadn’t locked my bike they kindly volunteered to keep an eye on it for me whle I explored the shop interior, even offering to bring it in for me. Pay them a visit at 152 Camberwell Road, 0207 701 2413.

I heart my … purse

If you want to look after your pennies or your toiletries, what could be moretsuk stylish and original than a home-made pouch?  Donna makes these gorgeous zipped pouches in two sizes: they’re (almost!) one of a kind, fully lined and who could resist the chic bicycle print?
Grab one now, starting from £4 for the 5.5″ x 4.5″ size <on Etsy>

Scratch and sniff cycling. .

Thank you Lush for creating The Cyclist’s Repair Kit along with the cycle-friendly charity Sustrans as part of the charity’s Change the World campaign!
Sustrans is the little known charity that worked with the government to set in place the National Cycle Network and other initiatives to promote cycling as a sustainable transport.

The Kit includes a delicious smelling mini massage bar, a deodorant bar, hand cream, hair gel, SPF10 moisturiser, and a moisturising balm for just under £10. And trust me, it’s a good investment if only for the massage bar and the portable size Handy Gurugu. Plus, as though that weren’t enough, each box comes with a discount voucher that you can apply to your next Lush visit – bliss!

Lush kit 2Lush kit