Jelly shoes

What is it about jelly shoes that fills us with nostalgia? Ever since Melissa teamed up with Vivien Westwood for a range of deluxe designer jellies, there has been a craze for jelly shoes varying from retro sandals to dainty heeled creations boasting elaborate bows and juicy colours.

shoeOn Tuesday I spotted a pair of sandals on someone’s feet that resulted in a frantic scouring of the internet until I finally identified them as ‘Marula’ by Mel, the sister company of Melissa. Needless to say I immediately purchased them and thanks to next day delivery they were promptly thrown on and put to work pedalling my bicycle. So what’s to love about Marula? Jelly is pliable so there are no clasps to fiddle with, while equally, the design prevents them from slipping off. What’s more, as they don’t depend on an ankle strap, if like me you avoid anything that shortens already short legs, then these are a must-have.

The orange shade is on sale on the Mel website for just £12 [here], but my neon lime coloured sandals (and the blue and red that I ordered this morning) were from ebay.


100% Lycra free. .

Here’s a selection of my more recent cycle-friendly (and lycra free!) outfits.
property of Just.Sooz wiwt11: ASOS full skirted strapless dress, grey jumper, belt & boots, UO. Black petticoats (not seen), ebay.
Multi-strand pearls, Primark. Birdcage necklace, Sunday Girl Accessories via tsuk.
2: Navy sweetheart neck dress, French Connection. White studded belt, grey boots, UO. Pink cardigan, Matalan.
Birdcage necklace, Sunday Girl Accessories via tsuk.
 wiwt2 wiwt3
1: Blue/purple 3/4 sleeve dress, Joy. Jeggings, ASOS. Glittery black cardigan, New Look.
Gold socks, grey snake-print t-bars, UO. Trapeze artists necklace, Tatty Devine.
2: Black owl print dress, Joy. Burgundy long cardigan, Topshop. Grey fuggs, Primark.
Grey handbag, ASOS. Trapeze artists necklace, Tatty Devine.

wiwt4 wiwt5
1: Blue&yellow palm dress, Fashion Union. Granddad cardigan and brown ankle boots, Topshop.
Gold name necklace, Tatty Devine.
2: Beige&Black sleeved cat tunic, Darimeya. Purple denim mini, Uniqlo.
Black suede pirate boots, Aldo.

It turns out that it’s not warm enough for pumps just yet, so after a day of cold toes, I quickly packed my shoes away and got my boots out again!

And here‘s the post you’ll all have seen on off_highstreet. I want this bag but I get the feeling it’s going to be rather expensive and I have so many handbags already!

Hello, Kitty. .

I associate this jumper with lazy days and slouching about. I don’t 100% like it, tbh. I have a bad habit of seeing something in a shop, thinking “Oooh!”, buying it, only to later realise that it doesn’t work with most of my existing clothes.
This started off as a lazy day outfit but I actually really like it!

I think it’s the shoes that do it, which is great because they are immensely comfortable and have definitely proven their worth since I picked the up in Peacocks 2 years ago. For a closer look, check out Breezy Days@LJ, and succumb to the power of the comfort heel: wear these heels all day and feel none the worse for it, and better still, they’re perfect for cycling!

kittyJumper + flower print black dress + thick woolly grey tights
+ grey mid-heel t-bars + Tatty Devine Fish Bone necklace
= lazy yet oddly chic. FTW!

the comfort heel and the rest. .

I got my lovely Miss L Fire Renaissance shoes in the post from Office only to discover that my age-old problem has not entirely disappeared: sometimes shoes that should fit perfectly end up loose around the heel, meaning that there’s always a risk that they’ll fall off. Majorly irritating. Especially as I’ve been lusting after these shoes for ages (check out “The Comfort Heel” post back in October).
Anyway, the shoes aren’t perfect, and as I’m supposed to be saving money I’m going to have to get rid of either selling them on (unlikely?) or back to Office…. If anyone’s interested, have a look at TSUK.On another note, here are some more amazing new accessories.

1wiwt wiwt
T-bar pumps, UO sale. Star bangle, Les Nereides sale.
tatty devine
Trapeze artists necklace in glittery acrylic, Tatty Devine sale.